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About Me

Saleh Rezaei

Software Engineer

  • Birthday: 30 April 1986
  • Cellphone: (+98) 9392701585
  • Degree: Bachelor of Software Engineering
  • Email:

My interest in computers started as a child and playing with Commodore 64. At the age of 10, I wrote small pieces of code in QBasic and became interested in programming. I studied software engineering at university. I have been working in the field of automation and banking industry for about eleven years, and at the same time, I have done personal or commercial website projects, and mobile applications. since 2020 I have decided to continue my work as a freelancer.


I have started my programming carrier by writing Windows applications in C#. Mostly wrote Back-End applications and in the recent years, I have also learned Front-End skills

SQL Server 90%
C# 95%
Angular 90%
HTML 100%
MongoDB 80%
NodeJS 90%
JavaScript 95%
CSS 70%



Work Experience


2009 - 2015

Design and implementation of web-based software

  • Online Vehicle Pass Issuance System
  • Payame Noor University Statistics Portal
  • Bridge management and inspection system
  • Road accident reporting system

GSS Int.

2015 - 2020

Design, implement, refactor and modify software under Windows

  • Instant cheque book issuance software
  • Instant Card issuance software
  • Cheque book scanner software
  • Authentication system (Client-Side)


2020 - Until now
  • Marham charity information registeration system
  • Books Beyond Words web app backend for Beyond Words charity, London


You can see some of my completed and ongoing projects in this section

Books Beyond Words

Books Beyond Words

Web App

Kaban Hand Made

Kaban Hand Made


Park Jewelry

Park Jewelry


Marham Charity Information Registration System

Marham Charity Information Registeration System





(+98) 9392701585